Kohler Smart Toilets - Do Not Miss Out on Something Mind-blowing

What if your toilet makes you feel like royalty? It's time to try on the Kohler intelligent toilets you have been missing.

Where Comfort and Cleanliness Meet

What if the toilet itself is more intelligent than you? Yes, you can make the finest choice with hands-free operations where comfort and cleanliness meet.
Kohler intelligent toilets, with their power to sense your approach, open, close, and flush automatically until you leave, make your bathroom smarter than ever. And its automatic warm-water cleansing and warm-air drying are extremely amusing. The cherry on top, the deodorizing seat of the toilet, keeps the area fresh and refreshed.

Where Versatility Meets Standards

Whether it's a castle or a condo, Kohler smart toilets are adaptable to diverse bathroom styles and designs. Designed in various shapes and models, the Kohler veil toilet makes a bold statement, elevating and highlighting the bathroom theme.


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When Clean is More Cleaner

Being one of the leading intelligent toilet manufacturers, Kohlet smart toilets are known for their integrated cleaning feature that performs cleaning in a simple and unmatched way that can not even be matched by toilet tissue alone. Their intuitive controls, custom settings, and adjustable temperature contribute to an outstanding personalized experience in a modern toilet.

Where Warm-Water Cleansing Meets Satisfaction

The front and rear warm water cleansing will bring you comfort and satisfaction, making you feel cleaner.

Pulsate Spray

The soft yet strong pressure of the water stream offers a powerful cleanse.

Oscillate Spray

The back-and-forth feature of our automated toilet's water stream ensures a thorough cleaning experience.

Adjustable Temperature, Pressure, and Position

Our remote-controlled toilet's advanced automation and personalized setting ensure an ultimate experience whenever you use it.

Self-Cleaning Wand

What would be more satisfying than a cleansing wand that rinses you before and after use? It is automatically disinfected every 24 hours with the powerful integrated UV light to give you a complete hygienic experience.

A More Personalized Experience

Kohler smart and automatic toilets offer incredible personalization to ease your process. The innovative, intuitive controls make it a smooth sail for you to find your exact preference with a touch of a button.

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Touchscreen Remote

The effortless touchscreen remote with an automatic commode can be mounted to the wall, providing convenient access to the toilet features.

Luxurious Comfort

The bathroom itself is a place to relax and refresh, and Kohler smart toilets, with features like heated seats and warm-air dryers, make it more seamless and comforting.

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The built-in sensor, a night light, automatically turns on in the dark to avoid sleep descriptions and navigate you correctly.

Heated Seat

The adjustable temperatures contribute to a modern toilet innovation, comforting you in a cradle of warmth in cold weather.

Warm-Air Dryer

Equipped with an adjustable warm-air dryer, our automatic commode quickly dries the area, eliminating the need for toilet tissues and making you feel fresh.

Deodorizing Seat

The extensively designed feature of a whisper-quiet fan pulls the air from the bowl through a carbon filter and removes the odor while spreading the freshness.

The Ultimate Hands-Free Convenience

Kohler veil intelligent toilets feature hands-free operation to prevent germs and bacteria from growing and automatically deodorize the seat and bathroom. The unique sensor control makes it easy and seamless, giving you all the luxury feels.

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Hands-Free Lid and Flush

The more innovative than ever veil intelligent toilet raises the lid automatically when you reach, flushes when you are done, and closes when you walk away, keeping it more hygienic and unblemished.
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