Available in Delhi NCR only

Modern LifeEdge – World’s Slimmest Bathroom Suite

Convert your beautiful home with the modest magic of ModernLife EDGE™. Unravel the contemporary grace and ergonomic support of specially planned seat design, along with no-splash container, as you feel the supreme hygiene of perfect rimless make.


Edge of Design

Check out the lavish mix of contemporary grace with ergonomic luxury, because of a carefully planned seat design and no splash toilet vessel.

Edge of Hygiene

Witness the peaceful rimless silhouette that provides modishness and panache to your contemporary bathroom. Outstanding rimless creation with larger vessels makes cleaning easier and luxurious.

Edge of Endurance

Created 50% stronger, having tremendous chip resistance vis-à-vis regular ceramic

Edge of Precision

XTR Xtra Svelte Rim making the thinnest appearance laced with 15 mm bowl edge thickness along with vessel edge thickness of 7 mm.

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