Kohler One-Piece Toilet: Delivers Exemplary Performance in a Single-Piece Commode

With the amalgamation of Award-winning design and Innovative technology, Kohler's one-piece Toilets rewrite the history of modern toilets. A splendid spectacle in the era of one-piece toilets which combines form with functionality. The wide range of styles and finishes combined with an ergonomically designed one-piece toilet seat offers you powerful and efficient performance with utmost cleanliness and comfort.

Kohler One-Piece Commode. Remarkable in every way.

Behold the perfect synergy of phenomenal performance, sleek, compact design, and groundbreaking technology! Crafted masterfully to impart a seamless bathroom experience, Kohler One-Piece Toilets' dynamic range is packed with modern features that facilitate cleanliness, comfort, and holistic wellness.

Equipped with state-of-the-art class five flushing performance, Kohler one-piece toilets are engineered to deliver robust and efficient flushing performance. Moreover, Sustainability is at the forefront with the one-piece toilet seat that ensures water efficiency and zero leakage.

Lastly, the Kohler One-Piece toilets are compact and facilitate a seamless and straightforward installation experience in the modern toilet era. Get ready to upscale the modern minimalist look in your dream bathroom with the bold performance of Kohler.

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San Raphael Grande

K-8688T-S-0, Single Flush 6 L

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Modern Life

K-77739T-SL-0, Water Saving 3/4.5L

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Veil K-1381T-S-0, Dual Flush design 3 / 4.5 L

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K-17629IN-SM-0, Dual Flush Design 3/6L

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K-3983IN-S-0, Water SAving 3/4.8L

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